May 17th, 2004


I'm trying to fix my friend Khadija's computer. It won't finish any programme. I spoke to tec service (she has a warranty) and he suggested she could have a - or many - virus, as she had no cover. I bought McAfee - which I use and rate - for her and downloaded it onto her computer but when I asked it to do a scan, after about 27000 files it froze - and eventually gave the message 'program not responding'. I re-booted (she's on XP) and tried again, and again, and again - always at the same point. Then I tried the Norton site and tried to do a virus scan from their site but it froze - and eventually gave the message 'program not responding'.

I decided that I would delete the programme at which McAfee stalled each time (Microsoft Zoo Tycoon) but it wouldn't let me. It sent me to the Microsoft Update Screen which said that there were 45 critical updates to download. I started downloading the first one - which it did - but then it wouldn't install it I just got the message 'program not responding'.

I spent 6 hours getting nowhere. They want to install broadband but with the way it's working at the moment - wouldn't load software for a digital camera + can't find one of its USB leads - I don't reckon it will work. I'll go back to the engineer and try again. This warranty cost them £200 and so far they won't come out to see to the machine.
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