May 6th, 2004


I've been to the doctor's this morning to say that I've been told that I have fibromyalgia and to ask whether my tablets are okay. Last time I went he complained about me being on Cipramil - for panic attacks - so I've not been taking them. This time he said that the fact that I'm on them will be helping. I explained that I'd not been taking them and he told me off. You can't win sometimes. This is about our 6th doctor in the last 18 months. Our full time doctor left and they are having real trouble recruiting another one so we've had a succession of locums. I quite like this doctor except that he has no social skills, he seems nervous and stammers - which makes me feel like I'm bugging him and makes me feel panicky, but as Tony says he has actually done more for me - written off for physiotherapy for me - than the others who just upped, or changed, my medication all the time. He has given me a psychological self help paper and has offered me psychological counselling - although I would have to wait a long time to see one, he wants me to do the self help paper and let him know in a month. Tony reckons I rely too much on doctors. He has no faith in them whereas I expect them to be able to (in his words) 'produce a magic bullet that will make everything right'. I probably do. While we were out we decided to take some photos of both of us. The ones I took of him were rubbish so when we got home we downloaded the ones in the camera and took some more. Here are a couple:

Tony at the front of the house with the ubiquitous cup of tea in hand.

Me in the park giving my orders, as usual.

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