May 5th, 2004

Out and about

It's been a day or two (or 3) since I posted to my journal. This in part is because I've been quite busy (yipee) and in part because I can't get Poliphilo off the computer - I started getting up an hour earlier to do it and so he started getting up earlier too. I know that as I go to bed quite early - anywhere between 8pm & 10pm - he goes downstairs and watches tv once I'm in bed (though he's on the computer before then).

My new friend (mentor) Khadijah took me to her home last night. I'm the first person of the many she has supported that she's taken home so I felt honoured. One reason is that her computer isn't working properly and I was hoping to fix it, but I couldn't she has paid £200 for a 5 year warranty and the company - after keeping her holding on the phone for 1 and a half hours - refused to come out until 3 checks had been done - which she couldn't do. I've said that I will go with her to take the darn thing back.

I thought at first she was going to be short of memory because it goes so so slowly and won't load her digital camera as it says she needs more virtual memory, but she has over 8GB, 86% of her computer space, free. When you try to go into a programme it either freezes or just throws you back to the desktop.

I felt sorry for her children as they'd been looking forward to me going and fixing it so that they could go on and use it for schoolwork - but it wasn't to be.

As I'm trying to walk more we've decided that, at least for the summer months, we'll go into Oldham and buy our groceries instead of having them delivered each week. This means that we'll be going into town at least twice a week - we can't carry much between us - and as it worked out this week we went yesterday and today.

We went today as we'd forgotten Poliphilo's croissants for breakfast, and as it was a nice day - until we decided to go out when it started raining. Yesterday we had coffee and a bun and got back here in time for me to go swimming with my Social Services carer, Denise and today we had lunch in their cafe - a greasy cod and chips I won't be having that again - and now we're both sleepy as neither of us is used to such heavy food anymore.

So Poliphilo has gone for a nap giving me the chance to update my journal. I just wish I had something more interesting to say.
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