May 2nd, 2004

Photos of Oldham

These are photos of Oldham. Taken by Poliphilo earlier this year.

1. View Over The Town Centre from a Bridge

2.  View from Our Bedroom Window

Not bad for an almost town centre in February


Happy Beltane to all my friends (known and unknown). We did nothing for Beltane yesterday. I was so tired that I kept gong back to bed for an hour at a time. The bursitis in my hips are bugging me. I lie on my side to sleep, I can't lie on my back due to a damaged disc, and after a couple of hours my bursitis start bugging me. I've tried sleeping with a pillow between my knees, it may help for a short time, then the pillow goes underneath me. After this add it to the 3 pillows I already use to sleep on and finally I start removing pillows one at a time - each time I change things it moves my position enough to press on a different bit of back or hip. It doesn't give a very restful night's sleep.

Today we went for a walk in our local park. It's a beautiful day and there is lots of work going on in the park as we've won some money from the Lottery fund. They've drained the fishing pool and are rebuilding it and look likely to turn it back into a boating lake rather than a fishing area again.

Let me tell you about how the park came about:  During the American War of Independence Oldham was a town that consisted of a lot of Cotton Mills and very little other employment. It got to the stage where there was no cotton and no work so some of the Mill owners in the area employed the men to build Alexandra Park. It kept their families fed and the men in the habit of work. They planted lots of Manchester Poplars, which have now been taken down - they were the only trees that could stand the pollution when the park was built - and the whole place is a riot of flowers and wide open vistas. They've put in new trees and bushes but it will be a few years before they have an affect on the sky-line. They are also turning an area where a railway line used to run, across the road from the park, into a wooded, grassy area of pathways for people to walk their dogs, and hopefully they will enforce the cleaning up by the dog owners.

When I say we went for a walk I mean that I walked - well most of the time.  I must have walked a good quarter of a mile - I 've not done that for years.

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