April 27th, 2004

Apologies to Mamarose

Hi Mamarose,

I'd love to learn more about you too. I'm sorry I've not replied before but we were away from the 20th to 25th and since then my hubby Tony (Polifilo on LJ) has been welded to the computer and had to be dragged off it.

Please tell me more. I'm a veggie, and am getting into raw food.

I'm happy to chat in public - so to speak - or if you'd rather - in private emails. Just let me know.

More soon


Walking versus riding

I'm trying to do more walking. When we were in London I did quite a bit, partly because we take my pusher wheelchair and I get frustrated with Tony never hearing anything I have to say and being hit against kerbs etc. SoI took up walking and pushing the chair myself. This also meant that I wasn't expected to carry everything - I put it on the chair instead.

When I thought my main problem was rheumatism & osteo arthritis I worried about damaging my joints more. Now that I've been told, finally, that it's mainly fibromyalgia I'm not as worried. I can accept the total exhaustion, the noise sensitivity, aching muscles and so on - at least I know know why they are there - but I've regained the use of some joints.

The problem is that Oldham is on a hill, wherever you go it seems to be either up or down hill - mainly up I think. Also I use a motorised chair which makes getting out and pushing difficult. I'm going to have to work something out - and I will.


Poliphilo has been a real pain recently. I thought he had something serious - cancer or other fatal disease. I've been lying awake at night listening to his breathing just waiting for it to stop. When we were away he suddenly got to the state where he could barely tell me who he was never mind whether he wanted to go to an internet cafe or not (which was the discussion at the time). We went back to our hotel - only to find that the lift was broken, and we were on the 3rd floor - no way I was going up there via the stairs as I'd not have been able to get down again for about 12 hours - and I blew up at him and got upset and told him how I felt about his behaviour and begged him to see a doctor when we came home - he doesn't believe in doctors!

We discussed it and he decided that it wasn't really physical at all it was mental. He was depressed. As his father died only 6 months ago - and the reason for our trip was to go and spend his dad's birthday with his mum - I could understand it. Also he's a writer, in the last 2 years he's written 2 darned good books, 1 pretty good book and 1 so-so book, 2 of which we sent to agents but have got nowhere. His latest - and best - book is out with an agent at the moment.

He feels like he's a failure that he's 53 and has got absolutely nowhere. Yet he isn't. I reckon he will get taken up eventually - he's a good writer so he should - and we've not really worked ourselves to death trying to get him taken up.

I am going to try sending his other good book (Mammary Hill) out again and also some of his short stories to magazines. I'm happy to do it. I'm even happier now that I've got my partner back, and don't have to worry about him dying.

We decided that we are in a rut at home. We do nothing. We see no-one, yet we got around London, visited galleries - lived a little (not much but a little) - and we are going to keep it up now that we're home. I'm going to do more walking and we are both going to get out and about more.

He is going to allow himself to be hauled away from the computer more often.
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