April 18th, 2004

Men - huh

I'm trying to sort out clothes ready for packing as we're going away for a whole 5 days this week. Because of the wheelchair I'm trying to pack in one bag on wheels.

Tony wears a pair of trousers (or jeans rather) for a week or more at home, but going away he seems to need a clean pair every day. Why? He gives me the puzzle of needing a complete change of clothes for each day and packing in one fairly small bag. Then he has the nerve to tell me he doesn't mind what he wears.

That came up when I asked him to tell me what shirts, rugby shirts and jumpers he wants to take. Again he wears a jumper for days but suddenly needs loads of them. Does he think the waitresses at breakfast will notice - or the chambermaids go through our stuff and think less of him?

It wouldn't surprise me!