April 17th, 2004

Busy doing Nothing

Saturday is drugs day. Every Sat we make up a week's worth of tablets for both Tony & I. He only has 2 'real' tablets morning and evening, whilst I have 4 in a morning and 3 in an evening, but then we both take loads of supplements - this is me trying to cover all bases. We take:
Dolomite - starflower oil (can't cope with fish oil) - sea kelp - multivitamin - glucosamine and a herbal joint-aid tablet - Oh and I take a fat-disector capsule too.

This time I've made up 2 weeks worth as we're going away on Tuesday (yipee) for a few days and I know I won't want to be bothered making them up when we get back.

That is my one commitment for the week and I usually forget until just before bed-time (which in my case is about 8pm). I sort the tablets out and he punches them out of their strips and puts them in the relevant boxes. Sad really but punching them out of their strips tears the skin off my fingers - shows how little my fingers get used, for the skin to be so soft!