April 15th, 2004

Fruity Breakfast

I'm trying to get along side raw foods. For the last few years - since being diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic - I've eaten either porridge or muesli for breakfast as it has helped to keep my blood sugar steady.

Last year, after losing 58lbs and consolidating it for a year, I took myself, gradually, off my diabetes tablets (Metformin). I've had none since October and according to my diabetes medical people I've got my diabetes under such good control that all my results are the same as those of a non diabetic.

I lost the weight by becoming a vegetarian. Now I find that my body would like my eating fine tuning some more. I feel bloated after a cooked meal, so I'm trying raw foods.

The book I have (The Raw Food Bible) says that breakfast should only consist of fruit. I didn't believe that I could manage on fruit alone. I thought I'd be starving half an hour later and, being weak willed, would fall apart. Anyway, today I tried it. Easy peasy I had an apple, four large strawberries and 8 or 9 grapes and they satisfied me just as well as my porridge. I had a mandarin and a banana about 11.30 am - but I probably would have done anyway.

So, today, I'm feeling quite proud of myself!!
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