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I don't think I've done too badly today.   I'm supposed to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. 

After the super-shake for breakfast, for lunch I had a 5oz tuna steak with green cabbage and peas (which I've discovered since I should limit - except for snow peas - but I don't know what they are) and 3 very small satsumas.

For my snack this afternoon I had 4 oatcakes with 1oz smoked salmon.

This evening I had 3/4 cup of low fat cottage cheese with 1 cup pineapple & 1/3 cup satsuma & 3 oatcakes.

My late snack I just couldn't face any protein and just had an apple.  I'm not used to eating after 6pm.  I stopped eating suppers 30 years ago - to help me to lose weight!!

I told poliphilo  that I was worried about going to London later this month as I'm sure I'll want to eat the wrong foods - coffee + buns for a start.  He has asked me to write out a card giving him permission to stop me, then when I get sulky and upset he can wave it in front of my face.  I'm going to have to try to keep a check on myself - I hate feeling like I'm missing something - it's not fair to rely on him.

Perhaps writing in this journal will help me stick to it.


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