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Walking a bit

On Friday we went into Manchester to the Manchester Arts Show, at my suggestion.   This is quite a big thing for me as when poliphilo   and I met I hated art, artists and all they stood for, couldn't see the point.  Over the years he has ently educated me and now we o to London about 4 times a year (to visit his family, over which we spend 1 day) and we visit the galleries and museums.  For my birthday this year, along with lots of jewellry, he bought me membership to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I can now tell who I like and who I don't, and in a lot of cases why.

Anyway less bragging, back to Friday.  We went in by train, taking my pusher wheelchair.  I walked down the ramp to the station and onto the train, then Tony pushed me to the tram stop and to the G-mex where the exhibition was.  I did quite a bit of walking round, pushing the chair, - you getter a better view that way.  (If you want to know about the show see poliphilo 's journal, he's covered it much better than I could).


When we went for the tram to o back to the station, I actually pushed  poliphilo  as he had hurt his knee.  Once we ot off the train in Oldham I decided that I would walk the mile or so back home - and much to my surprise I did it. 

Yesterday and today is payback time.  Lots of me aches, especially my back - and oddly - my hands, and I am so very tired.  Even with the extra hour sleep we've had through putting the clocks back an hour to end British Summer Time.

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