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Shootin burglars

On the radio at the moment is a discussion on te law about what happens if a burglar breaks in and you hurt him.  A Tory MP wants the law changing from using reasonable force to being able to do anything you like to an intruder - beat them with a baseball bat, stab them, shoot them whatever. 

I realise that finding an intruder in your home is traumatic - but enough to allow you to murder them?  There was a contrevertial case a few years ago where a farmer, living in an almost derelict building, shot a 16 year old burglar - in the back - and killed him and shot his friend in the leg - and was sent to prison.  To some people he was a hero, to others a common killer.

One problem is the 'reasonable' of reasonable force.  People often find themselves in court for injuring intruders - one guy has just said how he dragged 2 youngsters, who were breaking into his garage,  into his house to ring the police, and they got cuts to their necks from the zips on their jackets (he had them by the back of their necks).  They took him to court and he was fined £350.


I don't know where I stand really - I hate violence, but if someone was in my house at 3 in the morning I doubt I would react rationally. 



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