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3 wishes

I'm not sleeping well at the moment. Last night I had my usual 60mg of morphine and then added a further 40mg but the pain in my neck & hips still kept on waking me up. and poliphilo  snored on!

At one point I got to wondering what I would wish for if I was offered 3 wishes.  I started with the usual high thoughts - world peace - no more hunger - no more disease, but as every action has a reaction, I felt I had to think about those too.

Magic takes the easiest way between 2 points.  For example: our old high-priestess did a spell to remove an abcess from under a child's arm.  It worked.  That night the child was rushed into hospital as the abcess had become so much worse and she had to be operated on and was very poorly for a few days - but hey they cured the abcess.

So - world peace - the genie would probably get rid of humans - it'd be the only straightforward way.  Same with the other 2.  Like in 2001 A Space Odyssey where the computer has been charged not to let the mission fail so he kills the humans as they are capable of failure and he wasn't.

So then down to me, me, me.  But again what would be safe to ask for?  There is the joke where the man asks for his penis to touch the floor - and his legs shrink. 

In the end I decided I'd be too much of a coward to ask for anything - then I fell asleep and slept for 3 hours.


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