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I'm feeling a bit rough.  It seems that every season change - actual weather change, this one just happens to be at the right time- I struggle with a flare-up of my fibromyalgia.  I don't know think it's just me as both my sister-in-law, Ruth,  and hubby poliphilo  are also feeling extra rough.  But of course we all live in the Manchester area - although where Ruth lives is usually about 5 degrees warmer, as Oldham is on the top of a hill.  (During WWII a question was raised in the House of Commons as to whether the residents of Oldham should get more fuel allowance as they lived in 'the highest town in the country').   Does anyone else get these flare-ups?

I love Autumn.  Although it means that winter is coming and I don't get out much when it's icy or snowy, I love the colours of the leaves before they fall.  I also love the idea of shuffling through the dry leaves once they have fallen, but as this neighbourhood has a large dog population nowadays I won't bother.

There used to be lots of cats around here but now there's hardly any.  At one time we had 8 but between them dying and passing them on we've had none for the last 18 months.  We decided it would be good to feed the wild birds - whose population has grown as the cat one diminished.  So today we hung a bird feeder - made from a 2 liter bottle - and a suet square in a holder.  But how do we tell the birds the food is there for them?  Will they smell it out?  Can birds smell?  I've been feeding them stale croissants for a while, which they eat, but will they look to the tree?

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