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It's been ages since I've posted anything. 

I'm married to a writer.  He can take everyday events and make them seem really interesting, I can't.

I'm also busy at the moment.  I received an order for 150 handmade cards in the middle of August, to be finished by the mid to end of September, so my time has been filled with them - only 30 more to make - and then to make them all up - put in inserts, add envelopes, bag each one, weigh and post.

I turned 50 at the end of August. 

poliphilo  took me to London and bought me a beautiful ring from the Victoria and Albert Museum and a costume jewellry bracelet, from a little shop in South Kensington, which glows in the light.  It was a wonderful way to move into the 3rd age - to become  crone or 'wise' woman.    Friends have found it a hard move to make, but I feel more relaxed and at home with myself as each year passes.  Perhaps, as I lost a lot of my childhood and my body wasted my fertile time (I'm not), this is going to be my age.  -  Let's hope

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