A bit of this and a bit of that

This is just a rough run through of my week last week.

If I'd really thought about it — and had the science been available — I would never have gone onto cow's milk after having TB as a 3 year old— which I caught through cow's milk.  Since going vegan my health has improved — or at least my mobility has.   I'd started going swimming, after not being able to get up and down the steps for 20 years or so, but the pools are all locked down again.  So I bought a manual treadmill to encourage me to walk more and I can't see me walking outside in winter.  I've been struggling with it as it will suddenly stop — I need to get a proper rhythm going.  Last night I did better doing a km in half an hour.  That's about the furthest I've walked for about 10 years. 

I noticed that an area of the larder has forever got green slimy liquid running down it.  Luckily it's an area for tins and jars.  I showed it to Tony and we worked out that above it was a cupboard in our bedroom — we worked that out because the soil pipe runs through it — so I checked it and a small furry creature had bitten a small hole in an unopened 5l container of liquid handwash, which was now empty.

That got me into researching liquid handwash — Tony thinks it better than a soap block — and several recipes use up to 2 tablespoons of soap, 20 — 25 drops of essential oil (if you want) and fill it up with water.  The main thing I'm paying to transport is water.  Think of the carbon footprint — for water.  Same with any soapy liquid.  I'm going to move onto bars for shampoo and washing up liquid and Tru Earth laundry sheets instead of laundry liquid.  I already make our own dishwasher cleaning stuff.  

A couple of 'things' that caught my attention last week:

Reverse Advent Calendars:  Instead of getting a little, often cheap, gift for opening a little door everyday; put a tin/jar/toiletry item in a box each day and at the end of Advent donate it to a food bank or homeless charity — in which case I reckon toiletries etc., are more use.  We'll be doing one and I've suggested it to Dom's Mission, our local food bank.

Sleep, if you think about it is really weird.  For most grown up's — you lie down and pretend to go to sleep, so that you really go to sleep.  Youngsters (human and animals) often just go to sleep in the middle of playing or eating or something.

A couple of quotes:  'Why are the fingers that point always the dirtiest ones.' & 'Traditions are just being told what to do by dead people.'

A person I follow, Shelbizleee on You tube,  who is into 'sustainable consumer minimilism', is a vegan — and seems a nice person has a quote that I think is amazing and so very apt to anyone trying to be low waste — which is ' You cannot be all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good you can be' (Shebilzleee's copyright).  She talks a lot about no-one being — or should be expected to be — perfect, but we can all do our bit.



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