Thinking and swimming

I've started swimming for an hour most days.  Due to coronavirus you have to book a set hour and as it's only a small pool in a hotel only 10 people are allowed in at a time, and only 5 in the changing room.  For some of the people — mainly the women — it's a social time for chatting while swimming gently up and down.  I've worked out that 15 lengths is about 100 breast strokes, so I do 15 and then walk the length of the pool.  Im trying to improve my muscle tone — and trying to ease the trapped nerve in my neck.

Yesterday, either when I was swimming or getting changed afterwards, I can't remember which, it came to me that a good side to this virus and the new normal is that we notice others.  It used to be that we walked round without really seeing those around us, okay we were conscious enough to not bump into people, but now, with masks and social distancing we have to project our consciousness outwards.  I wish face masks were transparent then I could smile at people, but I do what I can.  I would like to be living more 'with' people.  We're very isolated here and I like people — just not crowds of them.


Someone I follow — Earthling Ed a vegan activist — makes me think.  One of the things I've read recently is: How can you love animals and still eat them.  

Where's the difference between eating one of the lambs that we see playing in the fields at this time of year (in the UK anyway), a cow, pig, chicken or your dog or cat.  Cats have to eat meat — we don't.  Put a human baby with a rabbit and the baby will try and cuddle/play with/kiss the rabbit.  Put a baby carnivore — eg a cat or most times a dog — and they'll try to kill it.  It's in their nature and not ours.  They are also capable of following through too.

I'm trying to persuade Odi to stop giving the kids — and herself — cow's/animal milk.  A lot of the milk in the shops comes from pregnant cows and are full of pregnancy hormones.  It is known that upwards of 65% of populations are unable to digest dairy — of Africans it's upwards of 85%.  Plus there is evidence that drinking dairy brings puberty on younger in girls and diminishes sperm counts in boys.  Christa — who is 9 — is already developing a bust and hips, and one of her friends has started her periods — at 9!

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My thoughts on Black lives Matter

I've not posted before about Black Lives Matter, not because I don't care, but because words are not my strong suit — unlike Tony.  I live by feelings and sometimes they're hard to express.

Some people have been saying 'All Lives Matter', but I think that needs an extension — All Lives Matter Equally.  Too often white lives are valued above any other, and as you get more parochial — English lives matter more or American lives matter more — depending on your tribe — though white ones, of course.

For me personally, it comes down to Your Life is as Important as Mine, and really if it came down to you or me; I should put you first.  It's difficult, but something that I'm working at.

76 Days eating Plant Based Whole Food

It's been 76 days since we decided that a vegan way of life would be better for us, for animals and for the planet.  I've read several books and watched lots of videos.  A vegan diet can be really bad for you — lots of fat and processed food.  That stuff's expensive too.  So I joined the PBWF people — Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. John McDougall mainly — and in a lot of ways it's worked.

My weight is down by about 4 kilos, blood pressure is down, so I've been cutting my amlodopine tablet in half.  Blood sugar though — I'd reversed my diabetes on low carb — is riding high. So much so that I asked the doctor — via phone, of course, for Metformin -and it's still in diabetic levels.

Health in general though — I was taking 8 tramadol and 2-4 codeine 30 mg a day, with the occasional top up of paracetamol, celecoxib an anti-inflammatory plus sundry other tablets.  I'm still taking the celecoxib and sundries, but I'm only taking either 2 tramadol OR 2 codeine — OR if I have a coffee to go to bed off just 2 paracetamol and I'm feeling good.  I'm moving more and feeling more alert.

Moan warning  —  Unfortunately, that means that I'm noticing more — and bothering more — like ants in the kitchen, I hate them, especially when I'm trying to prepare food.  I've just been round with grapefruit oil and then peppermint oil when I ran out of grapefruit.

We need to stop factory farming - now

The Spanish flu in 1917 started as an avian flu.  It crossed to humans because humans were stressed — due to war — living in disgusting conditions — especially soldiers packed in trenches, living in their own filth, frightened of dying, malnourished.  It was very contagious and mmany millions died.  Perfect conditions  for disease and its transmission — especially viruses of the lungs.

Fast forward to how animals are now kept — stressed, living in disgusting conditions — packed in together, living in their own filth, frightened of dying, malnourished — the perfect breeding ground for disease, as above.  

Covid-19 is only the latest in a list  — thought to be caused by a human eating a wild animal (probably a bat).  HIV — started by humans eating chimpanzeesswine flu (2009, Mexico), Other covids are: SARS (2002, Hong Kong), MERS(2015 S. Korea), Ebola (2014, W. Africa), NIPAH (1998 Phillipines) — kills a lot of people (40% death rate), but not very contagious, kept to pigs and their farmers.

Luckily covid 19 isn't a particularly killer of a disease — 5-10%.  Next time it may be one that spreads as quickly and easily as Covid 10 but with the death rate of NIPAH or Spanish flu.  Then you're talking about 1 — 4 billion deaths.

Yet no media outlet is complaining about factory farming — is it because the meat lobby is so powerful, and rich?  Also because people like meat and it's traditionally powerful for most people.  

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Milk and cheese

Then there's this sickening fact:

Average UK levels are around 200,000 pus cells per millilitre – that's around one million cells in every teaspoonful of milk! Organic milk is no better – organic dairy farmers can't use antibiotics to control the disease so the situation can be even worse.  And 

A litre of milk can have up to 400,000,000 somatic cells (pus cells) before it is considered unfit for people to drink. 

In the US the FDA allows 750 million pus cells in every litre of milk. In Europe, regulators allow 400 million pus cells per litre. In Australia there is no limit on how much pus is allowable.

The amount of milk produced by each cow in the UK has increased by more than 13 per cent in the last ten years to levels far beyond what is natural.

Before it is considered unfit for people to drink!!!  For cheese, of course, they take out the liquid, but the pus remains.

No I don't crave cheese.  There's plenty of protein, calcium etc., in plants.  Add a bit of sunshine and your good to go.

We are animals - plants aren't

Such a simple statement, but we catch illnesses off animals, because we're animals too, but we don't catch plant diseases because our dna is too far apart.  I was reading this:, which makes me even happier that I've become a vegan.  I was a very strong carnivore, in fact I ate little other than meat, poultry, cheese, cream, butter and milk.  It was one sentence that really moved me: 'for there to be enough organic, grass fed, free range meat as is said to be bought today, we'd need more land than is being used for all livestock'. 

Even grass fed organic beef is fattened up with grains.  Pigs are kept in open pens — organic — but pigs like to root around.  Did you know that pigs build nests?  I didn't.  For everyone to carry on eating meat — real meat that is free-range and organic we would need 9 planet earths.  There are over 1 billion cows/beef/steers/oxen in the world.  The Indians — who don't eat beef — are one of the largest exporters of beef for humans to eat.

I've been watching nutritional experts — doctors and the like — and it is so confusing as to whether eating starches is good for you or eating keto is.  Someone suggested that I look at the people behind the science.  Quite a few of the low carb doctors/experts are obese.  I've not seen one starch doctor who is overweight — much older than the keto ones — but very fit and healthy.  Also to look at who paid for the research.  

Life goes on

Still eating our, mainly, homemade vegan meals.  There doesn't seem to be much harm you can do if you throw a lot of fresh vegetables into a pan and add flavourings.  I'm using, red miso, barley miso, white miso, olives, capers, balsamic vinegar — all sorts of things I didn't use before.

We went to a supermarket on Thursday — it was packed — the checkout guy said that even with all the checkouts open they'd had long queues all morning.  They had run out of toilet rolls — and cucumbers, go figure.  I'm surprised that people seem to be buying umpteem toilet rolls — you can't eat them — and it's not a gastric flu type thing.

I refuse to get all worked up about Covid-19.  Yes, as Tony keeps saying we're in the 'killing zone'.  I reckon that most people will probably get a mild version and never notice — the doctors are saying that it's going to be around every year from now on.  Like the flu it will change every year.  If I get it badly — I'll worry about it then.  Worrying now won't change anything.  Life goes on.

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday that was conducted over the phone as I'm 'compromised'.  Then I had to go in for a prescription — which I didn't get.  As there is no chemist nearby the doctors surgery also fills the prescriptions.  I got sent home without as they didn't want me around too long.

2 things harvested about Corvid - 19

1  It's worrying the number of people talking about washing their hands as if it's unheard of normally.

2  I saw a tweet saying that Corvid-19 fits wonderfully into Dexies Midnight Runners 'Come on Eileen'.  Now when I read it that's how it sounds.

And one more — lots of healthy people are wearing masks rather than sick ones.  So the sick ones without a mask, cough and splutter over their clothes and hair — and masks — which they then handle ...