How the police would manage without vicars' wives at the moment I don't know.  They certainly seem to be in vogue.  A very readable story by Faith Martin once again.  Nothing too heavy, but who would expect a murder at a conference of C of E clergy.?  At least you should be sure that they're telling the truth, but are they?  Loved it  I read a free advance review copy.  This review is voluntary, honest and my own opinion.

The Carbohydrate effect

This is likely to be a long one - you have been warned!

Friday I realised that I am still a carb-aholic - I had a few non-green carbs and that was it - I ate lots.

Yesterday we met my eldest stepson Mike and his wife, Su-Young, in Margate and all I ate were carbs - I had a vegetarian Moussaka for lunch, with 4 different salads, followed by a piece of Apple Crumble cake. Later I had a knickerbocaglory (SP?) and 3 pices of HOng Kong pineapple shortcake - present from Su who had been there for work a week or so ago - oh and a couple of bananas.

By the time we got back home, I found that I remembered how I used to feel all the time. I ached everywhere, I was exhausted and finding it hard to stay awake (not good on a 60 mile drive), and my gut felt like it was trying to burst out. I had some chicken when I got home - although carbs make me feel bad they also make me ravenously hungry - go figure. Then I had some cheese, then an apple, a banana and finally some peanut butter.

I took my tablets, made up everyone's tablets for today and went to bed - where I couldn't go to sleep in case Shirley needed help when she came up to bed. When I could go to sleep, it took me ages to get to sleep, because of the aches I found it hard to get comfortable, I had weird dreams, and this morning my every limb is heavy, I ache and I'm very tired. And this is how I used to live my life - for many years I existed on co-codamol to get me through a day at work, I was foggy, I ached - life was depressing.

This is a note to myself as much as anything. I don't want to go back there again. If this means never eating a banana or an apple or root veg, then so be it. I am so much happier/healthier on low carb/high fat and fasting. I've not weighed myself, or checked my blood sugar or ketones - what would be the point! I'm now doing a fast until Friday - when my brother-in-law will be over and celebrating his birthday and I want to feel well for that.

Thank you, if you've managed to get through this. Have a good day.


I'm afraid that Britain is going to vote like the US did - they got Trump we'll get May. If it does work that way then a lot of sick, disabled, poor, elderly and children are in for a very bleak future.

Pray for us.

It's Juice that's bad, not fresh, frozen or whatever.

poliphilo has done a post about fruit juice, saying that he's disappointed that I say (from my reading) that it's just sugar water.

He's off at a tangent. It's not the fact that the orange juice comes in a carton - he could squeeze it himself and it would still be bad for him.

Let me try to explain what I've told him several times.

Sucrose is 50/50 Glucose and Fructose. Fruit is fructose. Glucose hits your mouth and starts being digested straight away. Fructose can only be digested by the liver. If you take in fructose without fibre it hits your liver when everything else does - the liver is busy and it puts it to one side to deal with later - and unless you've just done a huge workout it will turn it into fat - because there is plenty of energy knocking around from all the other food.

If you eat whole fruit - which doesn't taste as sweet as the juice - then the fibre takes the fructose with it to the intestine - 22 feet of slowing it down - and the liver has dealt with the meal and has the time to deal with the fructose and use it for energy.

I'm reading Fat Chance: The bitter truth about sugar by Dr. Robert Lustig. He deals with paediatric obesity. You can watch him talking about fructose on you tube - Sugar the Elephant in the Kitchen and Sugar: the Bitter Truth. He's very personable and understandable.

I picked him up at first from

Another one posted on Facebook. Food Glorious Food

I've just finished reading: Salt, Sugar, Fat - How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss and am now reading Felicity Lawrence's Not On The Label - What Really goes into The Food on your Plate. I thought that not eating processed foods I wasn't doing too badly, but what happens to and what is in our 'fresh' food beggars belief.

I've read a lot of nutrition/diet books now - trying to work out a healthy, sustainable diet to help me lose weight, keep my blood sugar under control and possibly ease a few health problems. High Fat Low Carb has helped me to lose weight, Intermittent Fasting has also helped and given me more energy, and my blood sugar is over 80% of the time in non-diabetic levels.

I'll just get all this sorted and some b*****d will blow the world up!!

A Little Tongue in Cheek - but not 100%

I've also posted this to Facebook so ignore if you are a FB friend.

I read on Facebook this morning - not that I think it's true - that the Queen could legally shoot Donald Trump and it got me thinking.
If we took a group of very poor but reasonably healthy senior citizens (who we're often prisons live much better than) and taught them to shoot, the government could then use them to kill people they didn't like (US presidents and the such) - in fact we could have a shoot a politician petition page and after so many signatures they get it.

Then the senior citizen would either be dead before they were brought to trial or they would be in a place with 3 meals a day, showers, well heated etc., In fact we could set up special prisons for them - like Prison nursing homes.

Paying it forward

Tony ( poliphilo ) will be 66 tomorrow. We've been together since the end of April 1991 and I've learnt a lot from him over the years.
How to deal with children - his - as I'd never had to share space with any before I met him, is one of the most important, it has also made interacting with grandchildren - both by his children and Odi's 3 much more magical and fun.

One of his things is that if someone disses you, let it drop, don't play it forward. You don't know why they've done it - or even whether it is anything to do with you. Look at them with friendship and caring.

He does it all the time - I find it harder.

Ive also learnt to be me - and learnt who I am.

Happy Birthday poliphilo. Thank you xx


Every day I do several quizzes. Today one of the words was Stylite - I got it wrong, and said so to Tony who told me that they were saints who stood on top of pillars. His Ma came back with 'who stands on top of pillars?' Tony 'Stylites'. Ma 'what's a Stylite?' Tony 'saints who stands on top of pillars'. Ma 'who stands on top of pillars?' Tony 'Stylites'. And round we went - she did keep saying we were going round in circles, but then kept on asking.

I was cracked up and told her I was enjoying it anyway.

I've reversed my diabetes

I lost a fair amount of weight by following low carb, then I lapsed. Recently I've been back on it and I started reading - he's Swedish and follows Low Carb High Fat, he also has videos by different people. One of these is Doctor Jason Fung who is a Canadian Nephrologist - he deals with diabetics who need dialysis, and believes, as do a lot of doctors these days, that type 2 diabetes and fatty organs are due to hyperinsulinemia - insulin resistance and that treating the excess glucose in the blood is like treating the shakes for an alcoholic by giving them alcohol to stop the shakes while ignoring the real disease.

He is a proponent of Intermittent Fasting. I've been fasting for 20, 24, 48 and 72 hours - in that order. Other than that I eat one meal a day - some people eat over an 8 or 6 hour period and fast for the rest of the time. The first thing I learned is that you don't need to eat as soon as you get up. Today I haven't yet had my break fast meal.

The other thing is to only eat real food. No processed food at all. No sugar or sweetener - no fruit or fruit juice. Leafy green vegetables, no starches, some protein, but lots of fat - good fats, no vegetable oil except Olive oil. Plenty of avocados, heavy cream, butter, bone broth and fatty meat. He has written a couple of books The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss being one of them. I'd recommend them.

Following this regime I've come off my diabetic meds - and still become pre-diabetic rather than diabetic, my cholesterol is 6.5% but will come down - Dr Fung explains how burning body fat releases the cholesterol out of the fat cells and into the blood stream to get rid off. I've still got protein in my urine, but again this hopefully will come down.

I'm still testing my blood sugar regularly and I've bought a blood ketone meter so that I can test for those - they're a sign that I'm burning body fat rather than glucose.

I really am a happy bunny. Right time to eat.