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Another day another ???

I know I've said even less than usual recently but it's because I'm doing very little other than sleeping. My wound is healing nicely - but is still a gaping hole in my right front, and what is more the feeling is coming back a little, and it hurts. They keep taking pictures of it - but I promise I won't post them for all to see - they are gross. The hole is now only 1 ribbon of packing deep instead of the 3 it was at the beginning so progress is being made.

I am at least being entertained by poliphilo 's new book (being written on live journal under the name purchas ) - which is also the title of the book. If you've not seen it then check it out. - start reading at the bottom though, don't do what I did (guess what) or it makes very little sense.

I think a lie down before tea (on the nice clean bed that poliphilo made up earlier this afternoon - he is a busy bee).
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