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I'm bery 'wobbly' today.   poliphilo was giving me a big hug before and said it felt odd because he could feel my nerves jumping.  I don't know what's doing it, but I wish it would stop.


I just love the way poliphilo looks in this picture - shame about my feet though!

This strange lady is outside the Dali museum in Figueres

I've never seen a busker playing a harp before

One of the joys about Tossa de Mar, for me, was finding this statue of Minerva - the Goddess of my heart - overlooking the old town.  The strange thing about her is that the only way you can see her face and shield boss is out at sea

This is the inscription - I don't know what it says - poliphilo wrote it down if anyone wants a copy of the words let me know.

And finally, for now, my beloved poliphilo paddling in the med - after 2/3 bottle of local white wine!

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