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Poliphilo's Computer woes

poliphilo 's computer keeps on crashing - it regularly says about having a driver problem and this morning before windows would start up it insisted on checking a disc for stability.  I left it to it and when I went back the counselling was over - but then the computer crashed again later.  I decided that I'd copy his documents onto my old computer - it isn't wonderful but at least it works - I tried to use the XP system to copy files to a cd only to find that the cd drive wasn't working - every time I tried it it told me to put a disc in and no matter how often I told it that there was one in it just didn't listen (Yes I do realise that computers were invented & designed by MEN - it sometimes feels like it's very mannish).  So I put all his documents on the network and picked them up on my notebook and copied them to cd from there.

Except for a couple of files that just wouldn't show up.  I had a file with all Tony's books in but no matter what I did I couldn't get it to show up on my machine, so I thought that I must need to transfer its innards individually - which worked better - except that 1 of the books still wouldn't move over.   poliphilo reminded me that I'd got floppies of his books so I tried updating one to make sure I had the most up to date copy only to find that the floppy disc is being awkward too & it took 3 discs - 2 to throw away and 1 to copy it.  So now all poliphilo 's stuff is on my old machine - after about 3 hours for a 1 hour max job - and all I have to do is to persuade him to just swap them over.  I've planted the seed in his head now it's a case of letting it marinade until tomorrow and hopefully it'll be implanted well enough not to surprise him too much.

But there again he's not too well today - more achy than usual and he went to the dentist this am.

I'm shattered from all the wandering back and forth etc - so goodnight one and all!!

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