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I rarely go out without either my sister-in-law or my husband - I have bad panic attacks. When Social Services offered me a chance of a mentor (a volunteer who spends up to 4 hours a week with someone either taking them out, or something) I can't say that I jumped at the chance. I actually refused but the Social Worker for some reason ignored me and forwarded my details anyway.

Luckily when I was contacted (2 years later) I was feeling my loneliness - it's amazing just how hard it is to make friends when you no longer work, or go to college - so Darryl - a nice woman and a pity I couldn't have her for my mentor - came round I agreed and gave her my details of what I would like to do - I put down the usual - shopping, trips out etc., but then added that I would like to just meet someone to chat - another woman as men don't seem to chat well, and that I'd be happy if it was across the cultural divide - I'll explain why in another entry.

This week I met Kadiza a Pakistani woman with a 5 month old baby Aysha. I tried to learn a little Urdu a few years ago but failed miserably and she has said she'll help me to learn more. She seems nice. And boy can she chat.

It's going to be fun
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