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Today's food

Not a good day. I'm soooo sleepy (I wish I'd stop going on about it too!). I suppose I've expended a lot more energy than usual over the last couple of weeks. I've also cut out (over a few weeks) my Citalopram tablets - given to me to help me to sleep deeply and to stop the panic attacks - which I'm replacing with 5 HTP capsules. I don't like the side effects with the Citalopram - like all anti-depressants there are a few.

Breakfast: 20 grams protein powder, strawberries & blueberries

Lunch: Cauliflower cheese, 2 sausages & 1/16 of a roast potato

Evening: Cottage cheese & fruit. Sweet rice

Drinks: 3 large herbal teas, 1/2 pint slimline tonic water, 1/2 liter iced water.

I must get back into drinking the iced water again.
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