craftyailz (craftyailz) wrote,

Walking versus riding

I'm trying to do more walking. When we were in London I did quite a bit, partly because we take my pusher wheelchair and I get frustrated with Tony never hearing anything I have to say and being hit against kerbs etc. SoI took up walking and pushing the chair myself. This also meant that I wasn't expected to carry everything - I put it on the chair instead.

When I thought my main problem was rheumatism & osteo arthritis I worried about damaging my joints more. Now that I've been told, finally, that it's mainly fibromyalgia I'm not as worried. I can accept the total exhaustion, the noise sensitivity, aching muscles and so on - at least I know know why they are there - but I've regained the use of some joints.

The problem is that Oldham is on a hill, wherever you go it seems to be either up or down hill - mainly up I think. Also I use a motorised chair which makes getting out and pushing difficult. I'm going to have to work something out - and I will.
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