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Today's food

I wanted to post some pictures today but I can't get rich text. When I click on it it changes screen but no icons appear at the top and if there's another way of doing it, I don't know it. Anyway, I'm feeling somewhat better today. Full of energy. I can't remember having this much energy for years. Here I am sat writing at half past ten in the evening. For the last few years I'd have been in bed for hours by now. poliphilo and I watched a couple of episodes of Dekalog - a Polish take on the Ten Commandments - interesting but not a lot of laughs. It was nice to spend an evening with him. Breakfast: 20 grams protein powder, 1 cup strawberries (tinned) Lunch: 4oz tuna steak in a hot tasting oil, salad & an apple Evening: 1 cup plain yogurt 2 half pears (tinned) and juice, 2 soya sausage links. 1 kiwi fruit Snack: 10g smoked salmon on 2 blackpepper oatcakes. 1 apple Drinks: 2 liters of iced water, 1/2 pint slimline tonic water, 2 herbal teas. I had the extra apple to try and knock me out of the zone slightly so that I can sleep, I'm so wired on this eating regime. I am also taking lots of supplements: Glucosamine, Vit B complex, Vit E, Omega 3 oils (should be 4 a day - I'm up to 3), Chromium, 5-htp (which is also an appetite suppressor as well as helpin with sleep problems) and Glucomannan - but not for long as I don't really think I need it - I'm getting plenty of fiber on this regime. This is as well as my prescription drugs. I'll probably rattle soon! lol
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