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Walkin funny - funnier than usual

I'm disabled and use a wheelchair when we go out.    I've been trying to walk more, but in Oldham you're either going up a hill or down one.  When I walk I use my wheelchair to hold onto and going downhill could be seen as funny (there's no brakes on the handles for those unfamiliar with w'chairs) as I either need help to hold the chair or go faster and faster - and then fall over or let go.

So I've bought an elliptical walker.  The blurb says it's like walking but there's no impact - you hold onto one pole with each hand and move your feet backwards and forwards, a bit like skiing I reckon.  It arrived this evening and  poliphilo  very kindly assembled it after he'd eaten his tea.    He's sure it's a second a) it was already partly assembled - I said it comes that way, b) the monitor on it  keeps falling over - I moved it from the middle and now it's okay and c) we appear to have to right hand poles - no comment.  I've been on it and apart from the sensation of falling over backwards, I can't remember how to walk and swing my arms.   I can see my reflection in the window, I hope no-one in any of the flats opposite look my way I look like an .... well I don't know what on stilts.   Now I'm sweating madly, my back and legs hurt and my feet ache - and after only 10 minutes on and off.

But I will persevere - my physio wants me to persevere - my doctor wants me to persevere and my waistline needs   me to persevere.  I will, I will, I will (I hope)

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