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I've hit that 'funny age' when my hair falls out - I've had to cut a fringe to cover my receding hairline - and becomes even finer, my skin thinks I'm a teenager and ...

My skin has come out in such lumps and bumps.  I'm unfortunate (to say the least) in that I have to shave every day - nothing wrong with my hormones, just one of those things, so the doctors say.  So my shaver either can't cut the hairs because there's a layer of skin over them or rips holes in my skin.  Where I usually am in a panic over whether people can tell I have bad facial hair (I'm bottling over the fact that I'm 'coming out' here - never thought I would) now I also panic over the gouges.

Then there's the night flushes.  I've moved the hairdryer so that I can dry my hair in the night without bothering poliphilo.</span>

I think I'm also suffering from an allergy to milk.  For the last 2 years I've been drinking soya milk ( I got Tuberculosis iin the 1950's from milk)  and, because I was missing my cups of tea, I went back onto skimmed (no fat) milk.  I think it was a mistake.  I'm now back on soya milk & no tea.

God, I sound miserable, but I don't feel it.  I spent a lot of my early adulthood wondering whether I'm fully feminine.  Thanks to poliphilo  I've relaxed enough to know that I am.   The menopause confirms it.  In a way it's fun - you can blame anything you want on it!   I'm so so glad I'm a woman

Poor men, no 'monthly' excuse, no menopause.  We know - you're crazy all the time!!

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