Every day I do several quizzes. Today one of the words was Stylite - I got it wrong, and said so to Tony who told me that they were saints who stood on top of pillars. His Ma came back with 'who stands on top of pillars?' Tony 'Stylites'. Ma 'what's a Stylite?' Tony 'saints who stands on top of pillars'. Ma 'who stands on top of pillars?' Tony 'Stylites'. And round we went - she did keep saying we were going round in circles, but then kept on asking.

I was cracked up and told her I was enjoying it anyway.

I've reversed my diabetes

I lost a fair amount of weight by following low carb, then I lapsed. Recently I've been back on it and I started reading - he's Swedish and follows Low Carb High Fat, he also has videos by different people. One of these is Doctor Jason Fung who is a Canadian Nephrologist - he deals with diabetics who need dialysis, and believes, as do a lot of doctors these days, that type 2 diabetes and fatty organs are due to hyperinsulinemia - insulin resistance and that treating the excess glucose in the blood is like treating the shakes for an alcoholic by giving them alcohol to stop the shakes while ignoring the real disease.

He is a proponent of Intermittent Fasting. I've been fasting for 20, 24, 48 and 72 hours - in that order. Other than that I eat one meal a day - some people eat over an 8 or 6 hour period and fast for the rest of the time. The first thing I learned is that you don't need to eat as soon as you get up. Today I haven't yet had my break fast meal.

The other thing is to only eat real food. No processed food at all. No sugar or sweetener - no fruit or fruit juice. Leafy green vegetables, no starches, some protein, but lots of fat - good fats, no vegetable oil except Olive oil. Plenty of avocados, heavy cream, butter, bone broth and fatty meat. He has written a couple of books The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss being one of them. I'd recommend them.

Following this regime I've come off my diabetic meds - and still become pre-diabetic rather than diabetic, my cholesterol is 6.5% but will come down - Dr Fung explains how burning body fat releases the cholesterol out of the fat cells and into the blood stream to get rid off. I've still got protein in my urine, but again this hopefully will come down.

I'm still testing my blood sugar regularly and I've bought a blood ketone meter so that I can test for those - they're a sign that I'm burning body fat rather than glucose.

I really am a happy bunny. Right time to eat.

I woke with a sudden realisation

I woke in the middle of the night with the sudden realisation that my doctor had, rather than give me a thoughtful, erudite answer, given me the knee-jerk answer of the moment.

I had asked her vis-a-vis my diabetes and protein in my kidneys - and being unable to take the medication for it - what I should do to keep my kidneys healthy. She replied 'lose weight' and I believed her, because she is a doctor.

Yet the real answer would have been to keep a very tight control on my blood-sugar. If I was obese and not diabetic (type 2) they wouldn't even test my kidneys very often. Type 2 diabetes is very different from type 1. Type 2 is insulin resistance and there is some thought that it could be the resistance which helps to pile on the weight rather than the other way around. Type 1s are short of the cells that make insulin, type 2s just don't use it properly and keep firing more and more into the cells, which grabs glucose and turns it to fat.

I could - if I followed a high carbohydrate, low fat diet especially - lose weight and still have high blood-sugar. I've done it before when I calorie counted and lost weight. I've been carefully monitoring my weight going down and up - and finding dieting a real strain. I've been craving sweet stuff - so I bought sugar free biscuits. I stopped checking my blood. I cut my carbs enough to lose odd bits of weight, but not enough to keep my blood-sugar down to non diabetic levels.

So, sod the weight, if I lose some with going back to diabetic level carbs (under 40g per day) that's a bonus. I will look after my kidneys by trying very hard to reverse my diabetes. It is possible.

Dr. Bernstein is a guy I listen to. He's the longest lived person with type 1 diabetes, he has very few 'diabetic' problems. He keeps his sugar at 'normal' levels (if you're non diabetic then your reading will never go above 100 US/5.6 old UK/38 new UK). So that is what he says to aim for - and I'm going to. It's just hard to take being a diabetic and living with it as the most important thing you have to think of.

Goodbye CFS (for now)

I feel like I'm awake for the first time in almost 2 years. I've been dragging myself around when I've had to, and spending lots of time just 'resting' on the bed. Okay I hurt, but I've hurt all my life (that I can remember) so it shouldn't hit me that hard. It's the brain fog and the total lack of energy for anything at all - talking to people, thinking - well anything. I've been sitting away from everyone to use the computer and often to eat my meals. Yesterday I moved my computer to the dining table so that I'm with the others. I've even done a little cross-stitch - I haven't done any since we got Marlowe who keeps trying to sit on my knee and attack the needle.

I said to Tony yesterday, that I was suddenly feeling alive and wondered why. He told me to just enjoy it and not worry, so I am doing.

I'm even sat downstairs at my main computer now at nearly 9pm. It's been a long time since I was still up at this time.

(no subject)

I had been going to write a post about how unfair it is that even though I look after my diabetes, I'm still getting problems. Then when I thought about it, I realised that although I've kept my sugar reading reasonable I haven't really been looking after my sugar. I've been eating lots of fruit. I know we're told fruit is healthy - but not to a diabetic. It's carbohydrate which converts to glucose which in turn pushes up blood sugar & insulin need. As a type 2 it is more than likely that I suffer from insulin resistance so pushing up the need is not good.

This has all come about because I was at the doctor's yesterday. I've been put on Ramipril - a precautionary drug to stop damage being done to my kidneys - but they were making my feet very jumpy, so the doctor changed them for a different drug. If I can't take this one then I won't be able to have any, so I asked what I could do to help and she replied that I should lose weight by following a low fat diet. I told her that to lose weight I follow a low carbohydrate, high fat, medium protein diet and she was happy with that - as long as I lose weight.

At just short of 200 lbs (90.7 kilos) I am only slightly higher than my lightest weight as an adult. Tony suggested that as I've never been slim, why not try to aim for it. After all I know that it's not going to make any difference to my life - except, perhaps, my health. So I'm going back to the low carb. It's a shame I decided this on a Thursday, when we get our shopping delivered on a Wednesday - lots of apples, pears, bananas, peaches nectarines, strawberries and blueberries - the last 2 being the most acceptable on low carb.

A new beginning for our bright new place in the world.

Speaking of which I was surprised that the Leave campaign won. Both sides were so negative, stating what would go wrong if we did the other thing, but nothing positive about what would happen if we voted the way they wanted us to. It does look like areas/people who have been left with crap jobs and high unemployment - manufacturing areas that seem to have been turned into call centres - have voted against the more affluent big cities and professionals.

We will never know what life would have been like if the vote had gone to the remain as we can only live the life we have. What we need now is positive intent to make the decision have a good effect on the country rather than a negative one.

Future Predictions Dr. Goldman

I picked this up on Facebook, but this is the only connectable link that I can find. If he's only half right then the world is in for as great a change as caused by the industrial revolution. It would be nice to think that it would all come good for the 99%, but I reckon that the 1% will work out a way that they will make a lot of money out of it and the 99% still end up paying.

Me, take me or leave me. This is it.

I feel that I've sort of worked out who I am. I grew up being told that I was a bad person who would always let other people down,I wasn't very bright, clumsy, unlovable and without my parents and brother behind me I'd be a complete failure.

Tony has been telling me for 25 years that they're wrong and it's easy to say that I didn't believe it, but I think that on one level I did. After all these are the people who know you best and understand you. Only they don't, they don't know me at all.

I think that in a way, I've spent the last 3 years since I moved 300 miles away from them waiting for the people who have got to know me well to be sickened by me and tell me that they understand what my parents mean. But they haven't, Jenny actually told me the other week that I'm a thoughtful person - which meant a lot to me.

The main person that I've let down is me. I believed the script they wrote for me. I didn't study in school, because what was the point, they told me often enough that I wouldn't understand it. Comments like 'Aileen only passed for Grammar school because her birthday is at the end of August, so she got extra points'.

All that is behind me now. I realise that I won't fully know who I am until my life is over, but to be honest, I think I'm okay.

Happy New Year 2016

I'm not posting as often as I wanted to - but hey it's a lot more than I was doing.

I've decided that I'm not going to spend my life sat upstairs, on the bed. I have a hospital style chair (straight up, padded, with a plastic cover and which can be raised or lowered by moving E rings into higher or lower holes), that Occupational Therapy gave me about 15 years ago and so I bought a 17 inch square bean bag pouffe and it all allows me to sit as though on the bed.

I know that part of the problem is anxiety and panic. You see, I'm safe upstairs, if anybody knocks on the door I don't have to see them - stupid at 61, isn't it?

I'm also back to doing my cross stitch. I've had poliphilo/Tony moving furniture around until I found the 'right' place for me to sit. I'm going to try to sit up until Shirley goes to bed at 9 pm. Last night she couldn't undo her bra and Tony found it a difficult thing for him to do for her - quite right she's his mum. If I can hang around at least I could help with that. I can't do much due to pain and stiffness, but that much I could.

Tomorrow will be the first time out since Boxing day (except for nipping to the doctors for everyone's tablets). So far we are going to St. Mary-in-the-Marsh to see E Nesbit's grave and then on to the Woolpack at Brooklands for lunch - though the pub could change if Tony sees anywhere interesting before we get to Brooklands. He wanders around churches and graveyards and I sit and read my Kindle. I love driving, but it's enough in a day.
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